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I know how hectic life is when you have little kids. Sometimes it's a struggle just to get all the required things done in a week let alone take the time for family photos. As cliche as it sounds, these are the times you're going to look back on and miss. When your kids are older these photos are going to be one of the things you treasure.
Don't worry, photo sessions don't have to be stressful. I promise! Sessions with me are filled with various games and silly activities to achieve natural smiles and candid interactions. We'll get the Christmas card shot where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera but my goal during family sessions is for families to forget about the camera and have fun with each other. Let me snap away while you enjoy spending time with your family. Plus, I'll send you some clothing tips and style guides to make prepping for your session even easier. We've got this!
Mom and Dad holding baby boy between them will fall foliage behind themCouple holding hands and walking in the grass while the wife holds their baby.Baby boy sitting on a tree stump in the woods.Family of four walking towards the camera and holding hands.Mom and Dad snuggle with one year old boy while smiling and looking at the cameraToddler girl holding mom's hands and smiling at the camera.Father with young son embracing and laughing.Toddler boy holding arms out and smiling right at the camera.Three year old girl sitting in a wooden chair next to orange liliesFamily of five sitting on a blanket smiling at the cameraLarge family gathered together looking at each other and smiling.