Beauty Along the Wisconsin River

January 25, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Forest of Snow TreesForest of Snow TreesSeveral snow covered trees along the banks of the Wisconsin River.

Little TreeLittle TreeA little, snow covered tree in the distance along the Wisconsin River. Shot is framed by snow covered branches in the foreground. Lone tree along the Wisconsin riverLone tree along the Wisconsin riverBeautiful snow covered tree along the banks of the Wisconsin River. Snowy BranchSnowy BranchSnow covered tree in the distance framed by a snowy branch in the foreground. I don't normally shoot landscapes but when I saw how pretty these trees looked along the Wisconsin River I had to run home and get my camera. By the time I returned the snow was lightly falling which made it even more beautiful. It looked like a magical winter wonderland. I was able to capture some nice shots before my fingers got too cold and I had to warm up. When I went back just an hour or so later the snow had melted from the branches. We're so lucky to live in such a pretty area here in Sauk Prairie. The river, bluffs and eagles can't be beat!


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