Quick Print vs. Pro Photo Lab

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Prints ComparisonPrints ComparisonComparison between prints from a quick print/same day photo lab vs. a professional photo lab.

One of the benefits of choosing Erin Haselwander Photography is that you will receive a print release which means you can print your photos wherever you'd like. No need to set an appointment with me to view them, choose which photos from the session you want to purchase, pay an arm and a leg to order prints from me or buy the digital files. With me, you just download your photos from your online gallery - easy peasy!

So, your session is over, the photos are edited, you've downloaded the images from your private gallery and now you're ready to order prints. Where do you get them printed? While you're free to print wherever you'd like, I do recommend using a professional print lab to get the best quality prints. It's not that much more expensive than a quick print service (e.g., Walgreens, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) but the quality is much better. I recommend mpix.com as I've always had a great experience ordering prints from there. To illustrate the difference, I ordered a set of prints from a quick print service (Walgreens) and the same set of prints from mpix. Once I received both sets of photos I scanned them and have not done any further editing other than labeling which is which. I'll admit, the quality of both photos is degraded when they are scanned and you're looking at them on a computer screen. However, it's still easy to tell which print is of a better quality. Here is what I found in my comparison:

Quick Print vs. Pro Photo Lab

  • The skin tones from the quick print set of photos were red and blotchy
  • The quick print photos were pixelated, meaning not as clear and crisp
  • The colors were not as realistic or accurate in the quick print set
  • Any highlights (white or light colored areas) in the image were much too bright on the quick print photos
  • The pro lab photos were printed with a matte finish which gave off less glare
  • The pro lab photos were printed on higher quality photo paper

To sum it all up, you took the time to coordinate outfits for your family, got everyone dressed, and completed your session - get the most out of your investment by sending your photos to a professional photo lab. You'll be glad you did!

If you've never used mpix.com click here to receive $5 off your first order. Throughout the year they also offer discounts on prints and/or free shipping which I will post to my Facebook page so keep an eye out for those posts! 


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