What's In My Bag of Tricks

May 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Tricks of the tradeTricks of the tradeThese are the items I bring with me to entertain and keep the attention of small kids when taking their photos. Items include, maraca, talking elmo, stuffed purple monster, silly heart headband, and bubbles. Sometimes when I'm loading the car for a session I feel like I'm packing up to go on a week long vacation! I bring all of the normal things you'd expect a photographer to have:

  • Camera bag with camera, lenses, an extra battery and extra memory cards
  • A step ladder (because I'm short)
  • A light reflector for certain lighting situations
  • Seating options such as blankets, small chairs, stools and crates
  • Any props that might be appropriate for the session

If your session includes photos with kids you'll see that I also bring a colorful tote. This is what I call my "bag of tricks" that I use to capture or keep the attention of kids when I'm taking their photo. As you can see from the photo above, I bring:

  • An Elmo doll that talks and plays music
  • A purple monster that makes silly noises
  • A maraca to shake 
  • A silly headband with glittery hearts that bobs around as I move
  • Small bottles of bubbles that I usually hand out at the end of the session

Yes, I look kind of ridiculous wearing the headband and shaking a maraca. But, you've got to do what you've got to do to get those smiles, right? Sometimes I don't need many, if any, of the items. Sometimes I have to pull out everything and that's okay too.

So, if you see a crazy looking lady wearing a glittery headband, shaking a maraca and waving a purple monster in the air, it's probably just me taking photos ;)


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