How I Got Started in Photography

March 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to the blog! I thought I would start things off by giving a little background about myself.

I’ve always been interested in photography and remember even as a little kid really enjoying taking pictures. Back then of course, you used rolls of film. I remember dropping them off at the local Ben Franklin store to be sent off for developing. A couple of days later (which felt like forever) they would be ready for pick up. My how things have changed! 

A few years after college I became interested in graphic design. I enrolled in a program which included a photography course. It was then that my interest in photography was renewed. From then on I’ve been taking photos pretty regularly. I started with taking photos of nature and architecture. Since having kids my focus has been on portraits which has become my favorite type of photography. The smiles from little ones can’t be beat! I also like to capture the love and sweet interactions between siblings when they think I’m not watching. I’d love to work with you to capture special moments of your family. 

After being cooped up all winter I’m excited for spring to get back outside to shoot! Contact me if you’d like to book a session.


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